About Us

Writing Wolf’s mission: create clear and powerful career marketing documents designed to take you to the top of the pack.

Since 2003, we have worked with hundreds of people from all occupations from interns to CEOs. Our specialties are Information Technology (I.T.), Engineering, Skilled Trades, and Professional Resumes. Our documents are clear, modern, to-the-point, and branded to fit every individual’s unique strengths.

cprw-smallWe just write because that’s what we do best; that’s why we don’t offer soup-to-nuts career services. If you have a career coach or counselor, we will be happy to partner with them as you deem appropriate — for example, by including them in the document review process. If we don’t think there’s a great fit between your needs and our services, we can refer you to other members of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches.

In addition to  I.S. (Information Systems) resumes, engineering, scientific, and skilled trades resumes, we also work with mid-level and senior-level professionals in sales and marketing, healthcare, finance, and other industries. Our expertise extends to military-to-civilian transitions, academic CVs, college students, recent MBA graduates, and career transitions. We also provide job search strategy coaching sessions to help people who are feeling lost or overwhelmed by the complexities of navigating the contemporary job search process.

The writing and editorial services offered by Writing Wolf include:

  • Resume Writing for I.T., Skilled Trades, and Professionals
  • Executive Resume Writing
  • E-Note, Cover Letter, Thank You Letter, and Follow-Up Letter Writing
  • LinkedIn Profile Writing
  • LinkedIn Training
  • One-Page Bio Writing
  • Executive Bios
  • Company Profiles
  • Blog Writing/WordPress Training

Joseph Perez, CPRW, CJSS

Writing Wolf LLC was founded in 2003 by Joseph Perez, CPRW, CJSS, and has helped hundreds of clients get one step closer to the alpha position in their career.

Joseph Perez, CPRW, CJSS

When you work with us, you will work directly with Joseph Perez. His most relevant qualifications:

  • 20+ years of accomplished experience as a Writing and Editorial Services Professional.
  • Principal of Writing Wolf LLC which offers specialized services for I.T. Professionals, Blue Collar/Skilled Trades, and Seattle-area Professionals.
  • First earned Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) credential and started writing resumes professionally more than a decade ago.
  • Experience as Technical Writer or Technical Editor for companies including Microsoft, Microsoft Press, and Siebel Systems/Oracle.
  • A Certified Job Search Strategist (CJSS), proficient in the latest and most effective strategies for getting the right job fast.
  • B.A. with Honors from Harvard University.
  • Certificate in Integral Leadership from Pacific Integral/LIOS Graduate College of Saybrook University.
  • Membership in the Professional Association of Résumé Writers (PARW).
  • First-hand hiring experience as a hiring executive in a Chicago-based NASD-member broker/dealer and two Internet start-ups.
  • Featured on print, television, and online publications as an expert in career marketing and resume writing.

We are partners in your career development process and invested in your success. Accordingly, we offer our clients a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or we’ll rewrite the documents for free within 30 days. Most of the time we hit very close to the mark on the first try, but if necessary we will perform one or two rounds of revisions with you to ensure that your documents reflect you at your best.

jobsearchlogo100Just because our focus is writing doesn’t mean you can’t ask for our advice on any aspect of the job search process. We not only want you to have best-in-class career marketing documents, we want to help you use them effectively as part of a smart, strategic job search campaign. That’s why we have blogged over 100 articles and tips since 2009 to help our clients (and everyone else) get ahead, and that’s why we also offer a free 15-minute Job Search Strategy Coaching to every resume client. We want you to not just have a best-in-class resume; we want you to use it effectively so you achieve your goals faster.

How We Work

Our goal is to make a potentially complex resume writing process easy. Since we are highly experienced, our process has proven to save time and worries. We communicate every step of the way and reply promptly so you know where the project stands. And in the end you’ll get outstanding documents, which is the most important thing.

We begin by offering you a free telephone consultation to learn more about your particular needs and determine the specific value that we can add to your job search or career development. Send us the latest resume you have in advance if you want feedback on your existing documents. The consultation is optional if you want to just dive right in.

To better understand the “fine print”, read our Terms and Conditions.

When you’re ready to go, contact us to get a custom quote and set a time for an interview. We need 60 minutes for professional and executive resumes and about 30-45 minutes for most skilled trades and college student resumes.

We will send you a short questionnaire to elicit the most fundamental information at the core of the documents. This information is useful stuff, so the time you spend filling it out is worth it. However, it is entirely optional. Complete it if it helps you to organize your thoughts and prepare for the interview, but don’t feel obligated. We can always go over the questions in the interview.

Writing-wolf-job-interviewPrior to the interview, send us supportive information that you feel would benefit our writing (e.g., target job ads, job descriptions, letters of recommendations, etc.).

At the interview, you will not be drilled or put on edge. You will tell us the “story of your career” focused on elaborating key success stories and concrete achievements. We want to get to know you so we can write documents reflecting your personality and unique style. We will provide you with a specific day and time so you know when to expect to get the documents.

Writing & Review

Then we’ll put on our writer’s hat and get to work. Several days later, you will receive your new resume for review. We work fast as well as thoroughly. Our process for most clients takes only 4 to 5 business days, but during busy periods it can take up to two weeks. Resumes for CEOs and other C-level executives may require two or three weeks. If for any reason we need a bit more time than our estimated delivery date, we will give you a credit for $50 off the purchase of additional services (equivalent to one free Career Letter).

writingYou will get the resume in both Word and PDF format. At last it’s time for you to review the documents and get back to us with comments and suggestions. Send your feedback by e-mail or schedule a phone conversation. Usually we get very close to the mark the first time around. But to ensure your complete satisfaction, our process includes up to three rounds of revision requests. There’s no additional charge so long as we receive the request within 30 days of your resume’s delivery date.

If you want to make a lot of tweaks or get advice from friends, please don’t give us a “trickle” of multiple change requests. Gather your suggestions and send them all at once. Use your three rounds of revisions wisely.

After 30 days, there will be an additional charge if you need document adjustments.

If you ordered a LinkedIn Bio, it will come with the resume, ready for your review. However, Full LinkedIn Profiles are substantially rewritten from the resume and take longer to develop. You can expect to receive your Full LinkedIn Profile about one or two weeks after delivery of the resume.


After receiving your documents, you may schedule a free 15-minute Job Search Strategy Coaching Session for use within 30 days of receiving your resume. That’s a good opportunity to bend our ear with any nagging questions about how to customize or distribute your documents or navigate the complex waters of the contemporary job search process. The session is totally optional, of course, so don’t feel obligated if you can’t make it.

Finally, while you are still basking in the warm afterglow of receiving top-notch documents, you are invited to give us recommendations and testimonials for LinkedIn, our website, or social media.

That’s it! That wasn’t too difficult, was it?

Resume Writing Service Areas Nationwide

We write I.T. Resumes, Skilled Trades Resumes, and Professional Resumes nationwide throughout the U.S. including: New York, NY; Los Angeles, California; Chicago, Illinois; Houston, Texas; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Phoenix, Arizona; San Antonio, Texas; San Diego, California; Dallas, Texas; San Jose, California; Austin, Texas; Jacksonville, Florida; San Francisco, California; Indianapolis, Indiana; Columbus, Ohio; Fort Worth, Texas; Charlotte, North Carolina; Denver, Colorado; and El Paso, Texas from our office (Seattle Resume Writer) in Seattle, Washington. For details, see our list of Service Areas.

Why the Wolf?

wolf-grayThe wolf is one of the animal kingdom’s most social and communicative of creatures. Like job seekers in a competitive marketplace, wolves must constantly attend to group dynamics and social hierarchy and modify their attitude and behavior for success. We picked a strong animal to represent our strong documents.

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