Could Carrot Top be sabotaging your job search?

Premiere Of FilmDistrict's "Parker" At Planet HollywoodIn “Social-network your way to a new career”, Emily Papel asks:

Who are your friends and followers? If you’re only following celebs on Twitter, you’re probably not going to see any informative links related to job searches. Consider searching for and following influential people, or the businesses for which you’d like to work. Many large companies now hire evangelists to tweet for them. You can learn a lot about the business–information which could help you in an interview–and your list of friends will make yourself look a little more professional than someone who only follows Carrot Top.

Use social media wisely in your job search to project your interest in your profession. Follow the blogs and Twitterers who have interesting things to say about your profession, or who work in the businesses that you want to work for.

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