Don’t try to skip the HR department, says job search adviser

humanresourcesMarvin Wahlberg, a job search coach, says it’s better to make a company’s HR department your friend rather than your foe. When asked by a student if it’s best to try to run around a company’s HR department to angle for a summer job, he writes:

Follow the instructions of the Human Resource Department, for no matter how effective your network contacts are, sooner or later you will have to meet with HR. Better to be a friend than a foe. Do what the Web site says, making sure to include your volunteer work with them in your resumé and in your cover letter. Make sure they know you have already demonstrated your work ethic and loyalty to their organization.

Then, make contact with all of your contacts, telling them of your interest to work, for pay, this coming summer. Also make sure your contacts know that you have made contact with HR, and ask them to stop by HR and give you a glowing reference. Make sure your resumé is updated to include your current education, major and GPA, and mention that the summer employment would be to help with tuition costs for college.

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