Hire Me We love talking on the phone to answer questions from prospective clients, but since you landed on this page go ahead and see if we’ve already answered your question.

Q. Do you offer career counseling, career coaching, interview coaching, resume distribution services, personal branding analysis, or life coaching?

It’s been tempting for us to expand our offerings, but finally we decided to focus on what we do best: write superb career marketing documents and help you get the most out of them with job search strategy coaching. If you are looking for services we don’t provide, ask us for referrals to great professionals who specialize in the service you need.

Q. Do you guarantee that I will get interviews and job offers?

First of all, if you utilize your new resume and other documents as part of a strategic multi-media, multi-channel job search campaign focused heavily on networking and deemphasizing replying to online job boards, we are VERY confident you will get interviews and job offers. But the thing is: we can’t control how you use the documents we create. If we could, we’d offer guarantees in a flash.

Q. What is your writing style?

Like every profession in the world, the resume writing industry has evolved to keep pace with the changing landscape. In the last 18 to 24 months alone, the standards for presenting resume information have changed significantly. Today’s documents are leaner, cleaner, and more telegraphic … and they use technology such as LinkedIn appropriately. We have taken cues from these trends to offer our clients tight, get-to-the-point documents that are effective in an atmosphere of short attention spans. At the same time, we strive to create great documents with timeless appeal which are anything but “trendy”.

Q. What are Applicant Tracking Systems, and why should I care?

These days Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are used by virtually every Fortune 500 company to manage their recruitment process and sometimes by small to mid-sized businesses. It shouldn’t be so difficult, but writing a resume that can pass through the ATS gate may be challenging. In some cases including the wrong information for a search term can immediately eliminate qualified candidates. If your document does not adhere to ATS-compliant practices concerning dates, locations, tables, columns, symbols, accent marks, borders and lines, headers and footers, bullet styles, section headings, etc., you could lose out on opportunities.

Writing Wolf provides every client with directions for very easily creating a ATS-compliant resume (e.g., ASCII or plain text) in addition to their “master resume” in Word. You may prefer to use this version for online job submissions to mid-sized to large companies, educational institutions, hospitals, and other employers.

Q. Why are there such large differences in what resume writers charge?

Resume writers bring a wide array of experience levels, and some firms even offshore the writing to workers in developing countries who are paid very low wages. Our fees reflects our extensive experience, credentials, and the value we bring to our clients. We believe that if you shop around you will find our pricing competitive with other certified resume writers with comparable levels of skill and experience.

One prominent nationwide firm with TV ads sells “just a resume” services starting at $750, so if you’re tempted to go to them we say spend your money with us instead. For the same investment, you can probably afford a Writing Wolf package that includes an E-Note, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profile, and some Job Search Strategy Coaching.

Q. Do you outsource the resume writing?

No. All our projects are written by Joseph Perez, our Chief Resume Writer. We do have one caveat: from time to time, to help us to manage our workflow in extremely busy periods or to take necessary time-off without disrupting deadline-sensitive projects, we may rely upon an editorial assistant for assistance with document production (pre-writing tasks). In these instances, Joseph still finalizes and approves every document, sentence by sentence.

Q. I work in industry ___. Have you written many resumes for people in my industry?

Probably. We’ve even written for Olympic athletes, renowned visual artists, talk-radio hosts, cannabis growers (it’s legal in Washington State), sled dog tour guides, and many other unusual occupations. If we haven’t, please don’t disqualify us. Our expertise as writers means that we can research and learn the lingo of your industry quickly to deliver you a superb document.

Q. I’m a C-Level Executive of a large, publicly traded company. Do you write Executive Resumes for people like me?

Yes, and we charge somewhat less than most specialists who exclusively write Executive Resumes, but probably not a lot less. We have been known to spend multiple hours with top-level executives in interviews and follow-up meetings and additional research time to ensure everything is as perfect as possible, so we charge somewhat more than for less time intensive projects. Tell us what you need and we’ll give you a competitive price quote.

Q. Can I meet with you in person?

Yes, if you live in or visit Seattle you are welcome to meet us at our office.

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