How the office holiday party can advance or detract from your career


Whether you look forward to or dread the company holiday party, remember that it’s another opportunity to present your career brand consistently. How you show up will reflect positively or negatively in conveying an impression of your professionalism.

Susan Bryant, writing in an article on the, runs down the do’s and don’t’s for the company party. Here’s one tip worth noting:

Your company party may be the only time you see the president, CEO or VPs in person. Introduce yourself. This is a great opportunity to become visible to your organization’s higher-ups. At the very least, don’t spend the entire evening with your regular office buddies — get in the holiday spirit and mingle with people from other departments.

Don’t forget to have fun… and remember that the winter holidays are an excellent opportunity to reflect on how your career helps you to be in service to a cause greater than yourself.

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