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Wonderful. If you need a reminder of what all the packages mean, see our list of package deals. To jog your memory, Bronze adds a LinkedIn Bio to your order and Silver adds a Full LinkedIn Profile to your order. Gold includes everything in Silver plus a 60-minute Job Search Strategy Coaching Session and Platinum allows you to buy three (3) JSS Coaching Sessions.

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Pricing if your resume costs $350…

These are packages for college students, recent graduates, early career professionals (<5 years of experience), and most entry-level to mid-level skilled trades (blue collar) resumes.

Tier 1 ($350 Resume)

Pricing if your resume costs $400…

These are packages for mid-level, non-technical professionals (white collar) or senior-level professionals in skilled trades (blue collar) occupations.

Tier 2 ($400 Resume)

Pricing if your resume costs $450…

These are packages for senior-level, non-technical professionals or mid-level professionals in I.T., Engineering, or Scientific occupations.

Tier 3 ($450 Resume)

Pricing if your resume costs $500…

These are packages for professionals in senior-level I.T., Engineering, or Scientific occupations or Academic / Physician / Attorney Curricula Vitae (CVs).

Tier 4 ($500 Resume)

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