Pros and cons of working for a small business



I’ve had work experience at smaller and larger companies and have owned and operated a small business myself. From this perspective today’s article on the MonsterWorking blog seems to hit the nail on the head. The article, published to coincide with National Small Business Week on May 12 to 16, notes that 57% of survey respondents prefer to work for small businesses (1 to 100 employees).

These are some of the benefits of working at a smaller company:

Apple or Microsoft can afford to pay high salaries to its employees at various levels of skill and experience. A nascent company, however, may only have enough to fully finance a handful of employees who will in turn have to put in some serious hours.

But during those hours, the employee will find himself or herself learning about every aspect of the company, gaining experience in multifaceted ways.

This is how Nellie Akalp, CEO of CorpNet, an online legal document filing service based in Westlake Village, Ca., views compensation at her company.

“As a small business, I can offer job candidates the chance to get amazing experience in a variety of different positions,” she says. “If they start on the sales team, but become more interested in business development then with time they have the chance to try out different jobs and see what is best for them.”

Also, it never hurts to learn (a lot) on the job.

“I can also offer mentorship with my employees who strive for more,” Akalp continues. “Whether they want to grow within the company, or perhaps have their own business ownership dreams, I am always available to chat and encourage my employees to go after anything they want in life.

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