Resume Writing and Job Coaching Services

A great resume must do more than summarize your credentials. It must “tell your story” so it’s relevant and compelling.

Unlike some other resume service providers, Writing Wolf does not offer a potpourri of services. All we do is write and strategize with you to advance your career. We are specialists in bringing out the best in your career documents and helping you succeed in your job search.

Writing Wolf Resume Services

Resume Service

We create powerful resumes for high-tech and other professionals that adhere to the best practices of the resume writing industry, meaning that our approach and formatting have been vetted by career and employment professionals and proven effective. Your new resume will look sharp, but more importantly it will implement an effective vision for communicating your strengths persuasively and concisely. We strive to avoid boilerplate and write unique resumes just for you.

You will work directly with Joseph Perez, CPRW, CJSS, who brings an Ivy League education plus 20+ years of professional writing experience. He brings experience in all major industries, and especially strong experience in IT Resume Services and Skilled Trades. He is passionately committed to helping you advance your career and succeed at your objectives.

Career Letter and Document Writing Service

Many recruiters, human resources departments, and hiring managers read a candidate’s cover letter every bit as carefully as the resume. Sending no document … or even worse, sending a poorly written or perfunctory document … can hurt your chances. To ensure that your cover letter is every bit as strong as your resume, we will write a custom document for every new client (unless you tell us you don’t need one).

Your cover letter may be specifically targeted for a narrowly defined opportunity, or we could write it so that it is a solid base which you can adapt for a variety of situations.

How long should the cover letter be? Traditional cover letters are approximately one page in length, but these days the E-Note is rising in popularity. An E-note is only about half the traditional length (about half a page) and is designed to be sent in the body of an E-mail or Web form.

A Reference Sheet contains at least three names of persons who can serve as references and may include two or three times that number, along with contact information and contextual cues. Upon request, we will create an accurate Reference Sheet that complements your Resume in design and functionality.

If you will be submitting your resume by cutting and pasting it into online forms, then it is best to create a separate version of your resume which is ASCII only (all rich text formatting is removed and the contents modified slightly to make it easy for it to be read by the human eye).

Writing Wolf also prepares other letters for you using a combination of information you provide to us as well as high quality letter templates. Thus,. we can easily create one terrific original document that is entirely written just for you, or give you a selection of up to 3 documents based on our proprietary templates.

LinkedIn Bio Service

Having a top-notch LinkedIn Bio and Profile has never been more important. Many times recruiters are working LinkedIn as their primary source of finding candidates. And employers are increasingly reviewing your LinkedIn Profile and other social media presences prior to making the all-important job offer. While it’s possible to “phone in” the profile with a mediocre document, investing in a strong and specially tailored profile is recommended.

The LinkedIn Bios we write do not merely repeat your resume’s points; they complement it. It is written in a more conversational tone than your other career documents and is comparable to an “elevator pitch”. It is a good introduction to the rest of your online profile.

We also go a big step further and create Full LinkedIn Profiles. These documents add a new weapon to your arsenal of career documents: new, succinct sections for your Skills, Job Descriptions, and more. The new copy matches the informal tone of your Bio and aims to wet a recruiter’s appetite for reading your resume, not feel that they have already seen it. We will write copy that is employer-focused and speaks to your ideal recruiters of employers. It will also be designed to help ensure that it shows up at the TOP of LinkedIn search results.

Job Search Strategy Coaching

Many of our clients have felt overwhelmed or bewildered by the complexities of the contemporary job search process. Others tell us that it’s been a while since they’ve had to conduct a job search and they could use some tips on getting the most out of the latest techniques and technologies. That’s why we have built in a FREE 15-minute Job Search Strategy (JSS) Coaching into our process for all our new clients. It is a time for answering your nagging questions about resume distribution, social networking, job search resources, or tips for preparing to contact specific employers.

For our clients who want to go DEEP into the strategies, tactics, and practicalities of a savvy job search, we can meet in follow-up sessions. Our first session is 60 minutes in length and we will review your progress-to-date and then create a Strategic Project Plan together for your entire job search. We’ll also send you a 500-page workbook prepared by experts at the Job Search Academy so you can get expert tips on topics that we don’t have time to explore in depth on the call.

Can you benefit from the motivation and accountability that comes with follow-through, refinements, and course corrections on your Strategic Plan? Then you can meet with us on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly schedule as your job search progresses. And when you’re faced with job offers, we will give you tips on negotiating with your future employer on salary and benefits.

Yes, it’s true that hiring a Job Search Strategist to coach you through the job search process is a significant investment. But if we can help you to get to work just one week faster than you would on your own, we have saved you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in lost income. Truth be told: if what you’re doing now isn’t working and you don’t correct your tactics, it’s possible we could save you MONTHS of headaches or keep you from taking a job is not a good fit or one that pays less than you can command. What’s more, we can make the period of unemployment less stressful and more hopeful … and that’s hard to put a price on.

Package Pricing

When a client has a need for multiple documents or coaching for the same job search, we prefer to get the order all at once because it’s easier on our creative flow and saves us time and money. Therefore we pass on discounts to those clients who place a single order for multiple services at the same time.


Service Description Price

Resume + Cover E-Note + LinkedIn Bio +
Your Choice of Reference Sheet, ASCII Resume, or Full Cover Letter Upgrade


Everything in Silver Package PLUS
Full Cover Letter + Upgrade to Full LinkedIn Profile + Customized Suite of Career Letters (Thank You Letters, Resignation Letters, etc.)


Everything In Gold Package PLUS
All Doc Modications Needed for 2nd Job Target (If Necessary)
and Job Search Strategy Coaching (2 Sessions)