What Our Clients Say

K.B., Technical Marketing Director:

I had an interview on Friday from a company that initially met with me last summer and decided not to hire me, when I asked them why they brought me back they said my resume ‘told my professional story in a more thorough fashion’. Joe is the guy who managed to take my steaming pile of bat guano (which I called a resume) and turn it into a true Curriculum Vitae.

G.M., Senior I.T. Program Manager:

Over the years the resume you wrote has been very good to me. I’ve had a ton of interest from recruiters and have been interviewed at Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. I’ve had my pick of positions and that’s why I’m coming back to you for an update.

S.R., Social Media Manager:

I am very happy to endorse Joe Perez for his work on my CV. He was very open to my ideas and suggestions, he was very professional, and delivered the work in a very reasonable time on the schedule promised. I thought his price was very fair, and the resume I received from him netted me interviews that brought me three great consulting positions so far. My endorsement is strong and unqualified.


A. P., Nonprofit Management:

Thank you for the outstanding job in developing my new resume. I appreciate the time you took to get to know me, my accomplishments, and the type of position for which I am looking. The resume speaks about my qualifications in a powerful way; something I never could have written on my own. I enjoyed working with you and have recommended you to several friends.

S. B., Community Relations:

Joe Perez did a beautiful job with my CV. The resume he wrote for me several years ago helped me to transition from a private sector job into a non-profit field where I began a successful second career in public health. Having a top quality resume definitely helped in the transition process. His recent editorial assistance helped me to keep my resume up to date with my career, and I recommend his services highly.

E. K., Systems Analyst:

You have provided exactly what I needed someone to do and that is totally re-do the entire look and feel of my resume — it needed the major changes … except for a few minor changes that I can make myself, it looks good.

A. T., Food and Beverages Professional:

I don’t have consistent job experience in any one field and was finding it difficult to find work with my mixed history. Joe wrote me a resume and cover letter and I almost instantly started recieving more attention from prospective employers. Several of the following companies that I interviewed with commented on the quality of my resume or cover letter and I soon found work in the exact niche that I was looking for. I would recommend Joe Perez to anyone.

E. D., Regional Sales Manager:

Well, I only had to utilize your work once. I was offered the job two days after you sent me the rough draft! Thanks buddy! I’ll be sending you referrals.

B. M., General Contractor:

Thank you very much for your help. My husband was very excited excited to see the result! Being a business owner, he hadn’t needed a resume before but it is necessary now. On another note, I have referred you to my boss …

D. O., Air Traffic Controller:

Joe, you’re awesome!

M.T., Executive Director:

My new resume impressed everyone and showcased qualifications I almost forgot I had. Soon I landed a new job and more than a $10,000 pay raise.

testimonialK.P., Coach / Educator:

As a resume writer, Joseph’s work is superlative. Resumes are as much a personal document as a professional one. In a sense, resumes tell a potential employer who you are, as well as what you have to offer that employer, in a very short space. Working with Joseph, I felt that he REALLY LISTENED to what I wanted and what I could offer, and was able to design a concise, well-written resume that accurately reflects who I am and what I can offer. I was frankly amazed at the attention he paid to me, to my career shift process, and to work I want to move toward — I felt really seen and heard by him. I highly recommend Joseph as a resume consultant and writer.

S.B., Community Relations:

Before my resume was a hot mess listing all the things i have done in my career. Now it tells the story of all that I have accomplished. My updated resume shows that I am more than a doer/worker. I produce results and deliver greater than expected outcomes. Joe made my resume professional and polished.

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