The three types of LinkedIn networkers

linkedinSital Ruparelia at Career Hub explains that there are three types of professionals on LinkedIn, the social networking site with more than 50 million users.

There are 3 types of people on LinkedIn:

a) ‘Open Networkers’

People who are open to connect with anyone who approaches them

b) People who will only connect with people they have a relationship with

I know some people who will absolutely never connect with people they don’t have a face to face relationship with. That’s their choice and their prerogative.

c) People who are somewhere in between.

Most LinkedIn users only connect with others who they have met and have an established relationship with (past or present co-worker, client, friend, etc.). By limiting their universe of connections to individuals to those they know personally, they have more pull when offering to introduce one member of their network to another.

As an author, blogger, and speaker, I fall into the third category. I don’t accept invitations to connect on LinkedIn from strangers, however I do accept invitations from others with whom I have only an online relationship or those who feel they trust me because they have heard me speak or followed by blog for a long while.

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