Why the résumé is an endangered species

joe-perez-300I have posted a new article called “Why the Resume is an Endangered Species” on BizNik. Here’s the money quote:

Isn’t having an e-résumé and Web site enough? Five or ten years ago, uploading your résumé as a Word file, PDF, or HTML page to the World Wide Web was considered state-of-the-art. However, today, it’s expected… not exceptional.

Résumés are not likely to go away forever, but in the future fewer and fewer hiring decisions will be won or lost based on them. In the contemporary job search process, online self-marketing in the form of LinkedIn profiles, blogs, social résumés, and even Twitter feeds are the new standard. If you’re serious about your career, you can benefit by staying abreast of the evolving recruiting scene with its Web 2.0 technologies (that is, social networking sites).

The rest of the article explains why the resume needs to be viewed as only one part of a career marketing portfolio. Your career marketing portfolio is the most important element in your career marketing plan, your guide to reaching your ultimate job goals.

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