Play the Best Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Alternative Games

  • 19-03-2023 |
  • Ethan Montgomery

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a hugely popular battle royale game, but there are plenty of other great games out there that offer a similar experience. If you're looking for something different to play this season, here are the top-5 alternative games to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout you should check out! 

Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts logo

Gang Beasts is an over-the-top brawler game where up to eight players can fight it out in chaotic arenas filled with hazardous obstacles and traps. Players take control of wobbly gelatinous characters and try to knock each other off the stage using punches, kicks, body slams, and special abilities. The game features a wide variety of maps, from city rooftops to fast food restaurants, and allows you to choose from a range of hilarious characters such as chickens, bears, robots, and more. With its goofy physics-based combat system and bizarre visuals, Gang Beasts provide hours of ridiculous fun for all ages. 

Human: Fall Flat - The Puzzle Platformer

Human Fall Flat logo

Human: Fall Flat is an open-ended puzzle platformer where players take control of Bob, a hapless human who must traverse various surreal levels filled with obstacles and puzzles. The levels are populated by dangerous enemies, such as robots and aliens, which Bob must evade or defeat using his wits and agility. As Bob explores the world, he will come across items that can help him reach new areas or solve puzzles. With its charming cartoonish art style and physics-based gameplay mechanics, Human: Fall Flat provides hours of challenging entertainment for fans of puzzle platformers. 

Moving Out - The Co-op Moving Simulator

Moving out logo

Moving Out is a co-op moving simulator where players take on the role of movers tasked with transporting furniture from one house to another while avoiding obstacles such as angry dogs, dangerous traffic, or even alien invasions! Up to four players can work together to move boxes out quickly by carrying them on their backs or by pushing them around on trolleys. Players have access to various tools, such as ladders or power tools, that they can use to make their job easier while completing objectives such as loading trucks within time limits or delivering furniture in perfect condition. With its quirky humor and frantic local multiplayer action, Moving Out provides plenty of laughs for friends looking for some couch co-op fun this season.  

Donut County - The Quirky Physics Puzzler

Donut County logo

Donut County is an award-winning physics puzzler set in a world made entirely out of donuts that are slowly being swallowed up by mysterious sinkholes created by mischievous raccoons living underground. Players take control of BK, the hole-digging raccoon who must explore Donut County's sinking landscape while solving puzzles along the way. As BK explores, he will come across items he can use to create larger holes that allow him to access new areas or complete objectives such as collecting missing donuts or reuniting lost pets with their owners. With its quirky humor and charming art style, Donut County provides hours of entertaining puzzling fun this season.   

Overcooked 2 - The Chaotic Cooking Game

overcooked 2 logo

Overcooked 2 is a chaotic cooking simulator where up to four players work together (or against each other) To prepare orders for hungry customers at increasingly difficult kitchens. Each level presents unique challenges, such as slippery ice floors, raging fires, collapsing structures, conveyor belts, portals between kitchens, etc. Players must cook dishes correctly within time limits while avoiding hazards like fireballs, rats, or exploding ingredients. With its frantic local multiplayer action and challenging cooperative gameplay, Overcooked 2 will provide hours of culinary chaos this season.