Minecraft review


Minecraft review

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Minecraft is a popular video game in which the player is free to build anything they want in a world of blocks. Minecraft is a revolutionary game in that it started out as a mod for the highly popular game “Infinity” developed by Notch. Notch was able to make a version of the game that was completely his own and thus Minecraft was born.


Minecraft gameplay consists of two modes, survival and creative. In survival, the player must mine blocks, build shelters, and craft items in order to stay alive. Fighting monsters and harvesting plants are essential activities to keep the player alive. In creative mode, the player can create anything they want without worrying about their supplies or their enemies.

Survival: Hunger and health are important things to keep an eye on in Minecraft. When the player's hunger bar is full, they will have enough energy for mining, building, and fighting. If the player's health bar is full, then they will not die. However, if the player's hunger bar is at twenty points and their health is at less than twenty, then they will die.

Creative: The player can build anything they want in Minecraft creative mode. They can also have unlimited resources to get started.


The graphics in Minecraft are relatively simple in order to allow players to have more control over the game. The graphics are made of pixels, which are small squares. The player can customize the graphics as they see fit.

Replay Value

I can't stop playing it, even if I'm still a bit further away from the end. There's just a lot to do, and I spent so much time in this game. If I had to calculate the amount of time I spent in the game, I'd say I put in about 60 hours and I'm not even remotely close to the end.


Minecraft is a popular video game in which the player is free to build anything they want in a world of blocks. This is a very good game. It is challenging, and it has enough puzzles to make it challenging without being frustrating. It is a great game for children, and great for adults to play with their children. The graphics are outstanding, and the music is very good. It is a fun game to play, and I will be playing it more in the future.


  • The cooperative mode is fun
  • It has a competitive multiplayer mode
  • It is easy to learn


  • It can be a bit laggy for some players


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