Mastering Mini-Games in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life: Your Ultimate Guide

  • 28-08-2023 |
  • Amelia Bradford

Dive deep into the world of 'Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life' and delve into the intricate mini-games, unlocking unique rewards and developing beloved friendships. From nervous beginnings, advance to mastering these exciting challenges.

Discover the Mini-Games

Discover the Mini-Games

The three mini-games in this heart-warming farming story, ‘Gravestone Cleanup,’ ‘Territory,’ and ‘Order Up,’ unlock naturally as seasons pass and friendships deepen. Interact frequently with villagers to trigger these fun activities.

Gravestone Cleanup

The gravestone cleanup mini-game can be discovered when you approach the second year in the Forgotten Valley. Establish strong bonds with Nina and Gary, the elderly couple from the Townhouses. Following Nina's sad departure in year two, her husband Gary invites a helping hand to clean Nina's gravesite.

Gary's relocating to a new home near the riverfront makes this task accessible. In the early morning light, around 6 AM, you will find Gary paying his respects. Strike up a conversation, and if he feels your friendship is genuine, he might ask for your assistance in cleaning Nina's gravestone.

As you engage in this poignant reminiscence, your task is to scrub the gravestone, hitting the right keys at the desired moment. Fine timing is key here. Clean the gravestone to at least 80%, and you will be rewarded with a rare fish and a touching cutscene featuring Nina.


Mini-Games in Story of Seasons Territory

In year three, the mini-game ‘Territory’ becomes accessible. You'll need to kindle your relationship with the young twins Cole and Charlie for this game to unlock. On visiting their house and conversing, you will be invited to engage in ‘Territory’ if your camaraderie is high enough.

‘Territory’ is a strategy game where you aim to fill in a higher number of triangles with your designated color than your opponent, thus gaining more territory. The higher the number of enclosed triangles with your color, the more territory is claimed. Be cautious, though; your opponents can disrupt your progress by breaking up the triangles or stealing your sticks. The competitive spirit runs higher in Cole than in Charlie, and you can win rare ores exclusive to the Dig Site by winning.

Order Up

The final mini-game ‘Order Up’ is unlocked in the fourth year of your farming journey. Make a visit to the Lei-Over Inn at specific times and strike up a conversation with Lou to trigger this game. However, the mini-game comes into play only if either Hugh, Van, or Garret is also at the inn.

Van and Garret are present on the third and eighth of each season. Garret’s timing is from 10:30 AM to 5:00 PM, while Van is there between 11:00-11:30 PM. Hugh is usually around post his morning run around 10:00 AM daily, barring the third and eighth.

Lei-Over Inn

On spotting any of these NPCs, converse with Lou. If she’s overwhelmed with kitchen chores, she might ask for your assistance. Accept, and you’ll find yourself in the middle of the ‘Order Up’ mini-game. You will need to prepare as many dishes as you can within the time limit, hitting a sequence of keys. Making a mistake means you start over. However, the effort is worth it, as Lou rewards successful chefs with a delicious dish and its recipe.

While 'Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life' primarily focuses on farming, these mini-games add a lively and enjoyable element to your rural journey. Get wildly interactive with this comprehensive guide and enjoy one enticing encounter after another!