Mastering the Art of Darkness: A Guide on Obtaining and Utilizing the Flashlight in Layers of Fear

  • 20-06-2023 |
  • Ethan Montgomery

In the latest Layers of Fear game, a flashlight is an essential tool for the Actor character. It serves as a source of illumination and an indispensable ally when facing the aggressive echo that pursues them. In this guide, we will delve into how to acquire and effectively utilize the flashlight throughout your chilling journey. Be prepared, as darkness knows no bounds in the world of Layers of Fear (2023).

Step 1: Reach the Pirate Ship Segment

Reach the Pirate Ship Segment

To find the flashlight, you first need to make your way through the early stages of the game. In the first chapter of Layers of Fear (2023), progress through the game until you reach the pirate ship stage segment. This is where the search for the flashlight begins.

Step 2: Follow the Chalk Arrows

Once you find yourself in the pirate ship section, look for chalk arrows on the floor. These arrows will guide you through a door and into a hallway with a curtain. As you approach the curtain, you'll notice the color fading from the game. This eerie effect sets the stage for the upcoming events, so brace yourself for what lies ahead.

Step 3: Discover the Clues Behind the Curtain

Discover the Clues Behind the Curtain

Behind the curtain, you will find several key items that hint at the flashlight's whereabouts. On the left side of the room, there is a table with a narrative letter from a carpentry company discussing a wooden box "large enough to fit a grown man." On the right side of the room, you will find a radio on a stool that can be turned off. These objects provide subtle clues that will help you locate the flashlight.

Step 4: Flip the Chalkboard and Retrace Your Steps

Continuing further into the room, you'll encounter a chalkboard similar to the one in the Actor's cabin. When flipped over, the chalkboard reveals the cryptic message, "Be ready to go back." Heed this warning and turned around, retracing your steps to where you entered this unsettling space.

Step 5: Acquire the Flashlight

Acquire the Flashlight

Upon backtracking, you'll notice that the door that once led to a full stage set now opens to a smaller room filled with metal shelves, a table covered in film reels, and a suitcase at the far end. As you approach the table, the suitcase will mysteriously open, revealing the coveted flashlight. Interact with the flashlight to pick it up and add it to your inventory.

Step 6: Learn to Master the Flashlight

With the flashlight in hand, it's crucial to understand its various uses and capabilities. Similar to the lantern in the Painter's Story, the flashlight in the Actor's Story serves as your primary defense against the aggressive echo that relentlessly pursues you. By focusing the flashlight on the echo, you can dispel it and buy yourself precious time to escape.

Additionally, the flashlight can be used to interact with certain mannequins found throughout the game. Focusing the light on these mannequins causes them to move, revealing hidden paths or collectible items such as keys. Be prepared to balance self-defense against the echo and use the flashlight to manipulate mannequins to escape harrowing situations.

Keep in mind that the flashlight has a meter on the player's HUD, indicating its heat level. Constant use will cause the flashlight to overheat, leaving you unprotected and exposed to the echo's relentless pursuit. Keep a watchful eye on the meter and manage your flashlight usage wisely to ensure your survival in this haunting adventure.

Armed with the flashlight and the knowledge of its power, you are better equipped to face the darkness of Layers of Fear (2023). May the light be your guide, and remember that sometimes, the darkness hides more than just shadows.