Fortnite Level Up Pack Rewards Not Working for Level 1000 Players

  • 20-02-2023 |
  • Amelia Bradford

Fortnite is one of the most popular video games in the world, and it's constantly introducing new content and features for its gamers. The latest addition is the Axion Sentinel's Level Up Pack, a special pack that offers rewards for players that level up beyond 1,000. Unfortunately, these rewards aren't being attributed correctly for gamers who have already hit that level. Here's what's happening with the addition and why players aren't getting what they expect.

Players' season levels reset to zero at the start of every new Fortnite season. But their account levels remain the same as long as they keep playing the game. Back in Chapter 1, the maximum was 100, but Epic Games added Bonus Rewards so players could push their levels beyond that. Nowadays, it's possible to reach 1,000 on a seasonal basis, but due to the timeframe of each season, it takes time to get there. 

To make it easier for 1,000 gamers to get their hands on the rewards, Epic Games recently released the Axion Sentinel's Level Up Pack. The pack contains 28 levels, as well as a few cosmetic items. However, players who bought the pack despite already reaching 1,000 are not getting the rewards they've been promised. This is the third time this season that reaching a higher level has resulted in players forfeiting certain awards.

Apparently, Epic Games is already looking into the issue, but in the meantime, players who have already maxed out their season level still need to be granted the reward items included in the addition. With the current season ending soon, it's important to get this issue resolved as soon as possible, as the rewards will become unavailable when the new season starts.

In conclusion, gamers that have already reached level 1,000 in Fortnite's latest season are experiencing issues with the Axion Sentinel's Level Up Pack, as the rewards need to be attributed correctly. It's unknown when this issue will be fixed, but Epic Games is looking into it. Hopefully this problem will be resolved soon, and players will be able to access the cosmetic items included in the pack before the season ends.