Google Patches Second Zero-Day Vulnerability in Chrome This Year

  • 20-04-2023 |
  • Ethan Montgomery

Google has recently released a patch to address the second zero-day vulnerability discovered in its Chrome browser this year. Similar to the previous threat that was fixed just days ago, this vulnerability is also being actively exploited in the wild. In a security bulletin, Google confirmed the existence of the high-severity integer overflow bug, which is tracked as CVE-2023-2136.

The vulnerability is found in Skia, Google's open-source multi-platform 2D graphics library, which is a crucial component of Chrome's rendering pipeline. Skia is responsible for rendering graphics, text, images, animations, and other similar elements in the browser. BleepingComputer has described it as a "key component" in the browser's functioning.

Google has acted swiftly to address the security issue, urging users to update their Chrome browser to the latest version, 94.0.4606.61, which contains the necessary fix for the vulnerability. Users can check and update their browser version by going to the Chrome menu, selecting "Help", and then "About Google Chrome".

It is essential for users to keep their software up-to-date, as zero-day vulnerabilities can be exploited by threat actors to compromise systems and steal sensitive information. By promptly applying patches released by software developers, users can protect themselves from potential threats and maintain a secure browsing experience.

In conclusion, Google's recent patch for the second zero-day vulnerability found in Chrome this year highlights the ongoing battle against security threats in the digital world. Users must remain vigilant and ensure that they are using the latest, most secure versions of their software to safeguard their data and maintain a safe online environment.