GTA Online Leaves PC Players Behind with Console Exclusive Updates

  • 27-06-2023 |
  • Amelia Bradford

As PC gamers, it's not uncommon to expect updates and new features at a similar pace to console players. However, the PC version of GTA Online seems to be lagging behind when it comes to receiving updates and graphical enhancements, as pointed out by Kotaku. Despite being a game that has spanned multiple console generations and found its way onto PC, GTA Online's PC port is still missing several updates that have been made available to console players.

One of the baffling omissions on the PC version is ray-tracing, a graphical option that arrived on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S in March of the previous year. These versions, labeled as "Enhanced" editions, brought significant visual upgrades to the game. While it may be understandable that updating the PC version to match these next-gen console releases could present technical and business challenges, it seems arbitrary to exclude certain features.

PC players have been left without access to various updates, including a career progress tracker, an exclusive car club with special vehicles, and a new career introduction system. These features are either entirely absent or locked behind the GTA+ membership system, which is available only on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. Even the Los Santos Tuners update in 2021 introduced car upgrades that were exclusive to consoles, further disappointing PC players.

The PC version of GTA Online faces additional issues, such as security concerns and hackers disrupting gameplay experiences and even compromising accounts. The online structuring of the game, built on peer-to-peer architecture, has been criticized for its vulnerabilities and potential for abuse. The dissatisfaction among PC players is evident in discussions on platforms like Reddit, where users express frustration and disappointment with the treatment of the PC version.

It appears that Rockstar Games hasn't prioritized PC players in terms of updates and enhancements for GTA Online. The introduction of a subscription service, GTA+, for an online component of a decade-old game, might have faced challenges in gaining traction. Alternatively, Rockstar may not have perceived a significant market for porting the enhanced edition's visual upgrades to the PC version. Despite these shortcomings, PC players have not been completely abandoned, with updates like San Andreas Mercenaries still being available to them.

It's a disappointing reality for PC gamers who are accustomed to enjoying the latest updates and features. The disparity between the PC and console versions of GTA Online raises questions about the future of the game's development and the consideration given to the PC gaming community. As of now, it seems that PC players will continue to lag behind their console counterparts when it comes to enjoying the full range of updates and graphical enhancements in GTA Online.