Halloween Comes to Fortnite

  • 17-10-2022 |
  • Ethan Montgomery

Do you want to become a werewolf without actually getting bitten by anyone? Fortnite provides you with this opportunity for Halloween eve. Since Epic Games are famous for their love to experiment, you can expect something outstanding.

Fortnite welcomes the new spooky themes. The new patch is atmospheric and totally matches Fortnitemares annual event. It includes multiple entertainments, including the hanging from Reality Tree DJ. You can receive the item “howler claws” by performing the ritual. This item turns you into a werewolf. The claws also help you to search for other players, probably to join the pack. There is a double jump and a melee attack that only werewolves can get.

The new patch includes the Zero Build option from the classic rush mode. It offers the return of the items from Halloweens of the previous years, including the pumpkin and candy launcher. Players can try to take part in new atmospheric quests which allow receiving a wide range of in-game features totally free of charge. The patch will be there till the 1st of November when all the fun is over and only the most devoted players survived the death from the sugar rush.

The last season was revealed in Fortnite just recently, one month ago. It contains multiple great items, tools, and quests. There is even a metallic weird substance that turns the player into a chrome blob. Now players can try to be werewolves. So you have to hurry up and enjoy the new patch since it is only a temporary event. You will lose all your super abilities once the clock strikes midnight and magical Halloween is over. Don’t forget to tell your friends and form a big werewolf pack.

What do you think about the new attraction in Fortnite? Have you already tried new abilities? Express your thoughts in the comments below.