Meta's Reels Receive Crucial Feedback Features and Enhanced Visibility

  • 03-05-2023 |
  • Ethan Montgomery

Social media giant Meta is consistently aiming to improve user experience, and its latest move is no exception. The company has introduced new feedback options and extended visibility for its rapidly growing content format, Reels. These enhancements will not only provide users with more control over their feeds but also bolster Reels' prominence within the platform.

Meta is simplifying the feedback process for Reels, allowing users to voice their content preferences effortlessly. New "Show more" and "Show less" options are now present in the three-dot menu on Reels clips, providing users with the ability to customize their feeds. Additionally, Meta is prompting users for direct feedback at the bottom of the screen, which will help align algorithmic recommendations with user interests. Similar mechanisms have been utilized by TikTok and other platforms, refining their feedback loops as algorithms rely less on users’ social graphs.

To create a more transparent user experience, Meta is also adding contextual labels to the Reels player, explaining why certain reels are displayed. For instance, users may see a reel because a friend liked it. Moreover, Meta is taking steps to better showcase Reels within the Watch feed. A new Reels shelf will be introduced at the top of Facebook Watch, providing streamlined access to short-form video content. Users can now effortlessly scroll between Reels and long-form videos on Facebook.

In conclusion, the introduction of new feedback options and improved visibility for Reels demonstrates Meta's commitment to enhancing the user experience. As Reels become a more significant part of Facebook and Instagram, it is crucial for the company to offer seamless navigation and customization options similar to those on competing platforms. Given the growing influence of AI recommendations and the increasing time spent on Reels, these updates are a welcome development that Meta users will undoubtedly appreciate.