MultiVersus goes offline until 2024: Fans say goodbye and hope for the future

  • 26-06-2023 |
  • Ethan Montgomery

Today, June 26, 2023, Player First Games decided to temporarily close its multiplayer game MultiVersus until 2024. This has caused mixed feelings among fans of the project, who have expressed their hope for the game's future in clips and well-wishes. Earlier last March, Player First Games announced its plans to close the game for a period to allow more time for the development and implementation of long-awaited features after MultiVersus' second season proved a disappointment for many players, and there was little information about the project's future.

The temporary hiatus period of MultiVersus caused a lot of excitement among fans as they were utterly disappointed with the game's second season. Many players were expecting more content, new characters, and gameplay improvements, but those expectations were not met. So when Player First Games announced plans to shut down the game until 2024, it was a major disappointment to the MultiVersus fan community.

However, Player First Games has assured fans that the time spent offline will be used to make significant improvements to the game and implement features that have long been actively demanded by players. The developers promise to consider the community's opinion and make MultiVersus better than ever.

The MultiVersus fan community is actively saying goodbye to the game, sharing their favorite moments and hopes for the future. They are expressing their support and anticipation for MultiVersus to return with new features and improvements that will make the game more fun and engaging for all players.

So MultiVersus is temporarily offline until 2024, but the fan community continues to hope for a better future for the game. They are willing to wait and trust that the developers will do their best to meet their expectations and provide an immersive gaming experience.