Netflix Games: Ready to Take Over Your TV?

  • 05-04-2023 |
  • Amelia Bradford

Netflix Games has been making its presence felt on mobile phones and tablets ever since the streaming service announced its foray into the gaming arena. With a diverse collection of titles and an established presence, it appears that Netflix Games is now ready to make its way to television. 

Netflix has a library of titles that span genres from action-adventure to family-friendly games. The games are a combination of original titles and popular licensed content. Popular titles include the likes of Skylanders Academy and Stranger Things 3: The Game. 

This service is available on Android and iOS devices, but the company is now targeting televisions. It appears the full gaming experience is being made available on the big screen. This means users will be able to play on their TV with a controller rather than having to rely on their smartphone or tablet. 

The Netflix Games experience will feature a range of exciting content and games. With its extensive library, users will have plenty of options to find something for everyone to enjoy. Netflix is also working on ways to keep users engaged with weekly updates, exclusive content, and events. 

Netflix Games is quickly establishing itself as a force to be reckoned with in the gaming arena. It is now set to make its way onto television screens and make the full gaming experience available to a larger audience. If you’re looking for a great gaming experience, then Netflix Games is definitely worth checking out. 

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