Snapchat and Linktree Have Entered Into a Groundbreaking Partnership to Enhance User Profiles

  • 11-07-2023 |
  • Amelia Bradford

Linktree, the famed link-in-bio tool, and Snapchat, the popular social networking app, have announced an unprecedented partnership. The goal is to help users of Snapchat gain more visibility and showcase a broad spectrum of their work and other profiles. This terrific alliance with Linktree comes after Snapchat's selective policy of only allowing brands and Snap Stars, the most prominent creators, to include links in their profiles.

With this novel integration, Snapchat is springboarding to new heights by allowing anyone with a public profile to include links to their Linktree profile. This move lifts the restrictions on Snapchat users who are 18 and above, empowering them to create a public profile complete with comprehensive links. The straightforward process of editing a public profile to include a “Website or Linktree” URL boosts the visibility of Snapchat users on the Linktree platform.

The integration brings other immersive features to the table. Notably, it offers users an opportunity to showcase their Snapchat profile on their Linktree page through a social icon. This comes with the added functionality of a button that states “Add me on Snapchat,” thus further increasing their reach. Along with this, Linktree will feature in Snapchat’s default share sheet, solidifying the partnership.

The alliance does not stop at profile links. By aligning with Snapchat, Linktree is giving users an irresistible offer - three months of Linktree Pro service. The premium subscription comes loaded with additional features like email and phone number collection, integration of the latest tweets and YouTube videos, and a highly coveted NFT lock. This acts as an incentive for creators, pushing them to leverage the partnership to amplify their presence on the internet.

In conclusion, the integration of Snapchat and Linktree is a game-changing move in social media networking. It not only elevates the user experience but also provides a robust platform for creators to expand their reach and showcase their talent. This alliance shows promising potential for the future, and it will be exciting to see how this transforms the landscape of social media engagement.