You Can Get The Latest Google Chrome Update Before Others

  • 14-12-2022 |
  • Ethan Montgomery

Google is introducing an exciting new initiative for Chrome users: the chance to get their hands on the newest version of Chrome before anyone else. Called “early stable” launches, this feature will give a select group of users access to the latest build weeks ahead of its official release date. 

The very first edition that will benefit from this program is Google Chrome v110, with a beta launch taking place on January 12th, 2023, and an “early stable” launch following shortly after on February 1st.

The aim of these early releases is to help Google better identify any issues or bugs in the code before it goes out to all users. This testing process should result in fewer surprises and more reliable updates when they are eventually released en masse. It also serves as a way for developers to have early access so they can make sure their applications work seamlessly with the updated browser version. 

Google has made it clear that not everyone will be given this opportunity, making it something special for those lucky enough to receive such an invitation. To ensure fairness, invitations will be randomly distributed among eligible participants who meet certain criteria set by Google; primarily those who already use pre-release versions of Chrome products or associated services like Chromium DevTools or Chrome Canary channels. 

In addition, some existing testers may also be invited if they have opted in for further testing opportunities through their accounts at chrome. Once selected, invitees should expect regular communication from Google regarding the status of their early release builds and how best to provide feedback or report any problems encountered during usage. 

This news marks another milestone for Google as it continues its mission of providing secure and reliable software solutions that meet modern standards and user expectations worldwide. With Early Stable releases now available through random selection prior to official releases, we can look forward to smoother updates with fewer bugs when rolling out future iterations of our favorite browser!