Pokemon Scarlet review

Pokémon Scarlet is a role-playing video game set in the world of the Pokémon franchise. It introduces new starters, legendary Pokémon, and a wide world to explore. Players have the ability to choose their path, with three different options. For the first time, players can also use Pokémon to traverse the environment and engage in co-op play with up to three other players.


The story of Pokémon Scarlet focuses on the adventure of the player as they travel through an expansive world. Along the way, they must defeat Team Vorpal, a mysterious group with plans to enslave the Pokémon world. Players can choose their own paths, with three different routes available to explore.

Graphics and Features

Pokémon Scarlet features beautiful visuals with detailed characters and environments. All the classic Pokémon are represented faithfully in the game, while vibrant landscapes and cities provide a stunning backdrop to the story. The feature set of the game is quite impressive, with the new Let's Go mechanic allowing players to send out a Pokémon to roam the overworld. Co-op play is also a great feature included in the game.


Overall, Pokémon Scarlet makes for a great game. The graphics and story are engaging, and the new features add an extra layer of depth to the game. The difficulty may put off some, but the game does a great job of catering to both newcomers and veterans alike. Many fans of the series have expressed their satisfaction with the game, and it certainly looks like the franchise is in good hands.


Pokémon Scarlet is a quality title with great graphics and features. Enthusiasts and newcomers alike can enjoy the game, as it provides a great mix of challenge and familiarity. With the success of this game, we can only hope to see further games in the Pokémon franchise that are just as engaging and exciting.


  • New starters. Introducing new starters to the game, players now have an even larger pool of Pokémon to choose from
  • Open World. Explore the expansive open world and absorb the beauty of the world
  • Legendary Pokémon. Two new legendary Pokémon in the game add even more excitement to the game
  • Co-op Play. Experience a shared adventure with up to three other players
  • Interesting Mechanics. Create dynamic battles with the Let's Go mechanic and other fun features.


  • Graphics. While the graphics in the game are good, they need to be up to top-tier standards
  • Bugs. Players have reported some minor bugs in the game
  • Difficulty. The game can be surprisingly challenging for new players.


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